Early morning noise - a helicopter?

Mary | 11/19/2016

For the past couple mornings I've been woken up early by a persistent noise that sounds like a helicopter or plane circling low above the neighborhood. This morning it started before 5am and lasted a couple hours. Has anyone else heard this? If so, any ideas what is causing it?

hello and westside tavern

Robin | 08/16/2016

Hi all! We are new to the neighborhood, moved from Wisconsin with our two kids, two dogs, and two cats. We met some people at the BBQ this Saturday, and look forward to meeting the rest of you!

We were very disappointed to learn that we can't go to the westside tavern with our kids! Does anyone know if they plan to ever change their license to a restaurant or do they simply prefer no kids are there? thanks!

Re: Researchers from WSU coming to your neighborhood

Darcy Hauslik, Jake Hammond, and Emily Kennedy | 06/02/2016

Hello everyone,

We are a team of researchers from Washington State University. We will be in Olympia from June 6-10 and have selected your neighborhood as an area to conduct interviews.

The purpose of the project is to understand more about Washingtonians’ values for the environment and concerns about our environment.

We look forward to spending time in your community!

Please contact Emily Huddart Kennedy by email: if you have any questions about this research.

Darcy, Jake and Emily

"rules" for posting

Phil Cornell | 09/05/2013

1. Keep it clean, duh.
2. Anyone in SWONA can post.
3. Any subject that would be of interest to other members of SWONA.

It's your site, use it as you want.

User friendliness and swona relevance of this site

Bethany Weidner | 09/05/2013

This time I was able to sign the guest book. Are there any guidelines for posting things here? And can anyone ib SWONA post things?

Just to say "HI"

Tom Brignole | 08/26/2013

Thanks a lot for getting the web site set up, Phil. Now that I know it's here, I will use it often to keep current on community issues.

new web site

Phil Cornell | 04/22/2013

I created this web site as a resource for SWONA. Please visit all the pages and return here and leave your comments.

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