Campaign Statement

07/25/2013 12:23
Campaign statement Darren Mills 7/25/13:
On Tuesday July 9th residents of SWONA gave me a walking tour of their neighborhood and expressed their concerns about the opening of Decatur and 16th Streets to traffic.  After seeing firsthand what the result of those actions would be I am staunchly opposed to the city even considering such an option.

We enjoy a wonderful quality of life in Olympia.  Our neighborhoods are one of this city's greatest assets and city leaders must do all they can to preserve them.  Too often the city engages in what I consider false trade-offs.  Sending a high volume of traffic through this residential neighborhood in the name of easing traffic at Black Lake and Cooper Point is a perfect example of that.  To me the congestion at that busy intersection is a result of poor planning and SWONA should not be expected to pay the price for that. 

The fall-out of opening these streets would have an enormously negative and irreparable effect this neighborhood.  Safety, property values and quality of life would all be sacrificed.  Equally as devastating would be the mistrust created between citizens and city hall.  It just isn't worth it and I guarantee you that as a councilmember I will fight to keep these streets closed to traffic.

Thank you for the tour and sharing your viewpoint.  It was a pleasure to meet you and though your fight has been long and hard, its inspiring to see the passion and commitment you have for your neighborhood.

Thank you,
Darren Mills