About Us

We are the neighborhood association for South West Olympia.  Our "mission" is to promote a sense of neighborhood through activities and communication.  We are officially recognized by the city as the organization that represents the residents of South West Olympia.

Our purpose is to preserve and protect the character and infrastructure of the neighborhood, the rights of its residents, and the quality of the natural environment.  We will do this through involving all neighborhood residents and businesses in full and democratic discussion of issues that affect the neighborhood’s quality of life, informing the city of our views and advocating on proposals that affect us, and providing an opportunity for social activity and interaction  among  neighbors.

History of SWONA

SWONA was formed.....................in progress

Our Association

SWONA Officers as of March 21, 2019

Office Officer
President Mark Toy
Vice President Ryan Hollander   
Secretary                          Bradley Bobbit
Treasurer Carri LeRoy
Outreach Coordinator    Brent McBride