SWONA Annual Meeting Agenda

March 17, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Online via Zoom


7:00 Introductions and ice breaker (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)

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7:10 Quick business: 

  • Financial report and membership update 
  • Head count
  • Nominations/ Elections for Treasurer and Vice President


7:30 Guest: Thea and Josh from West Central Park on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities


7:40 Guest: Our neighbor Karen will give an update on the Capitol Lake Estuary


7:50 Guest: Ann, our neighbor and master gardener with springtime horticultural tips


8:10 Guest speaker: Officer Jacob Theis, Olympia Police Department with crime news and safety tips for the Westside


8:30 Adjourn


SWONA Quarterly Meeting Agenda

September 16, 2021 @7 pm

Online via Zoom



7:00 Introductions 


7:10 Quick business: 

  • Get ready to renew your SWONA membership • Ryan Hollander
  • City council candidate forum this fall, thank you for submitting questions • Mark Toy


7:20 Will Capitol Lake become an estuary? What are the next steps in that process • Karen Janowitz


7:30 Crime trends/ safety tips in Southwest Olympia. City of Olympia police department Q&A • Rebekah Ziesemer


7:45 Westside mural projects update and how to get involved • Bethany Weidner


7:55 West Central Park live music and park updates • Josh and Thea


8:05 Seasonal gardening tips and stories. What are you doing right now? - round table discussion


8:20 Open to brief general comments including ideas for next meeting


8:30 Adjourn


SWONA Quarterly Meeting, Thursday, June 17, 7 p.m. 

7:00: Greeting and introductions

7:15: Neighborhood updates:

  • November city council candidate questionnaires - Mark
  • Neighborhood matching grant - Mark
  • Membership drive and new online payment - Cat
  • Mural whitewash, mural defacement, plans moving forward 

7:30: Guest 1: Officer Kory Pearce: neighborhood safety and crime report

7:45: Discussion: Summer events

  • West Central Park guest speaker (Guest 2)
  • Our annual picnic in a pandemic?
  • Front porch sing out?

8:00: Guest 3: Daniel Einstein of OlyEcosystems (OCEP)

8:15: Discussion: New ideas for how SWONA can bring fun and connect folks in neighborhood? Topics or guest ideas for next meeting?

8:30: Adjourn


SWONA 2021 Annual Meeting, Thursday, March 18, 7 p.m.

Introductions/Zoom logistics (10 minutes) 7:00-7:10

Updates (20 minutes). 7:10-7:30

·       The need for new Board members. 

·       Developments in 9th/Fern area. 

·       West Side Yards development (Bethany)

·       Neighborhood Matching Grant application.

·       Pocket Park update (Charlie)

·       Mural maintenance

·       Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) updates

Presentation: OPD Community Policing Officer (15 minutes) 7:30-7:45

Presentation: Jodie Mackey (New Traditions) (15 minutes) 7:45-8:00

Finance report, options for membership renewals (Carri) (10 minutes) 8:00-8:10

Board elections (15 minutes) 8:10-8:25

Suggestions for next meeting, adjourn (5 minutes) 8:25-8

South Westside Olympia Neighborhood Association (SWONA)

Meeting Agenda, Thursday, December 17, 2020, 7:00-8:00 pm


7:00 pm         Introductions

                        Zoom meeting logistics

7:10 pm         Approval of September minutes

7:15 pm         Updates


  • Mural maintenance
  • Pocket park maintenance
  • Unity Church update
  • CNA update 

7:35 pm         Discussion – Looking forward to 2021

8:00 pm         Adjourn


South Westside Olympia Neighborhood Association (SWONA)

Meeting Agenda, Thursday, September 24, 7:00-8:00 pm


7:00 pm     Introductions

7:10 pm     Approval of June minutes

7:15 pm     Updates

·     Art in Alley, Front Yard Singout

·      Covid going into fall

·      CNA update 

7:30 pm   Maintenance of the Art wall on Olympic Way (graffiti)

- Call for volunteers, logistics discussion

8:00 pm   Adjourn

South Westside Olympia Neighborhood Association (SWONA)

Meeting Agenda, Thursday, June 18, 7:00-8:00 pm

7:00 pm     Introductions

·      Zoom meeting logistics

7:10 pm     Approval of December minutes, Finance report

7:15 pm     Updates

·      Covid-19 Q&A

·      2020 Neighborhood Matching Grant update

·       CNA update (see www.engage.olympiawa.gov for details)

                            o  Homelessness strategy

                            o  Missing Middle, HB 1923

 7:30 pm   How can SWONA be useful during the pandemic? What should we do about the annual picnic? (discussion)

 7:45 pm   SWONA elections President, Treasurer, Secretary

 8:00 pm   Adjourn



South Westside Olympia Neighborhood Association (SWONA)

Meeting Agenda, March 19, 7:00-8:00 pm

                        7:00 pm     Introductions

7:10 pm     Approval of December minutes

7:15 pm     Updates

                                         ·     2020 Neighborhood Matching Grant update 

                                        ·      CNA update (see www.engage.olympiawa.gov for details)

                            o  Homelessness strategy

                            o  Missing Middle, HB 1923

                                       ·      Wellington Heights update

                                7:45 pm     SWONA elections in March for President, Treasurer 

                                8:00 pm     Adjourn


All neighbors welcome.

December 12, 2019 Meeting Agenda, 7:00-8:00 pm, Gloria Dei Church, 1515 Harrison Street

7:00 pm        Introductions

7:10 pm        Approval of September minutes

7:15 pm        Updates

·      Neighborhood Matching Grant – wrapping up grant

·      Wellington Heights, CNA updates

·      Community Policing – Mike Peters

·      Recycling presentation - Aimee Christy and Lee Ann Perry, Master Recyclers and Composters for Thurston County

       Suggestions for future meeting topics

        Notice of elections for President, Treasury at next meeting (March 2020)

7:40 pm        Holiday Cheer - cider, hot chocolate, dessert and appetizer potluck

8:00 pm        Adjourn


All neighbors welcome

March 21, 2019

September 20, 2018

  • Introductions
  • Approval of June meeting minutes
  • Financial report
  • Picnic feedback/suggestions for next year
  • Presidents/VP report – CNA meeting summaries
  • Discussion on Wellington Heights: 
  1. Revised submittal
  2. Next steps
  • Updates/announcements:
  1. Gloria Dei Refugee Committee
  2. Intercity Transit - route changes in the neighborhood starting net week
  3. POTENTIAL GUEST: Police - neighborhood crime

November 16, 2017

September 21, 2017

  • Call to order and introductions - Are you working on your emergency kit? , September is National Preparedness Month
  • Treasurer's report
  • Edibles along the roadside
  • Contributions to newsletter and website editor
  • Parks and projects
  • Other business, old, new - Picnic recap, Status of property next to Walden Condos and Wellington West
  • Closing

September 17, 2015

The introductory question will be; "How long have you lived in Southwest Olympia?"  This ties in to our main agenda item for the evening, SWONA history.  We will then have a discussion about what to do with the Poetry Post.  As it is now, the post is down and the roof is separated from the post.  The ornamental hardware has been salvaged for use on a new post.  We need ideas for a new post, ideas about materials, style, and location.  We have approximately $1500 in the Decatur Pathway Park budget for this so it must ultimately be located somewhere along the path.

June 18, 2015

The introductory question will be "What is your favorite food or snack?"  Based on our decision about the agenda for the quarterly meeting, I contacted the city of olympia and animal services.  Both will be sending us a speaker -- I highlighted the issue of speeding and right-of-way in our traffic circles (for the city traffic guy) and went over the kinds of questions that arise for people who are bothered by too regular barking dogs with the woman from animal services.  If Suzanne Beauregard, who is the director of animal services comes, we will be in excellent hands.  But she's retiring, so no promises.
Traffic guy is coming at 7:20 and animal services rep before then.  I said we would fit them in as they arrived.

I've contacted Chloe Lamenzo about childcare.  I put the notice on Next Door as an event, including the agenda items.

Phil will give a brief update on the pathway project as time allows.



March 19, 2015

•Annual Meeting, March 19, 2015 7:00 PM
•“Where were you born?”
•Election of Officers
•Vice-President - Phil Cornell
•Secretary - Angela Rush
•Member-at-Large - Brent McBride
•By-Laws Article IV
•Decatur Pathway Park Project update
•Guest introductions Michelle Swanson and Tim Richardson from City of Olympia to answer questions about the project
•Other business

November 20, 2014

7:00PM – 8:30PM

Meeting called to order by Phil Cornell VP

Bethany Weidner / President               

Phil Cornell / VP                             

Janis Rich / Secretary

Ann Vandeman / Treasurer      

Brent McBride / Outreach Coordinator

SWONA members and guests-

7:00 – 7:15

Round table introductions, favorite hobby

Officer reports             Good of the order

Board meeting on 11/14/14


7:15 – 7:40

OPD Lt. Jim Costa

Introduction       Questions.  What happens when someone calls 911?


7:40 – 7:50

Walking Park update

brochure, signage, work parties, Chloe Lamenzo!



7:50 – 8:00

Decatur Pathway Park update

On city council agenda for Dec 9.

Decatur and 16th & Fern are out of the comp plan!

Old Growth Poetry Collective (https://oldgrowthpoetrycollective.wordpress.com/)


8:00                                         Adjourn  --   Next meeting March 19, 2015, annual meeting, electing officers.


8:00 - 8:30                               Open Discussion                                                                                       all

Open up to group for other ideas, comments, other events during the year (summer BBQ, New Years Eve, etc).

  • SWONA history info, Sherwood Press, Historic Homes, Political activism (Decatur Raiders), historically significant residents
  • "Go Green Lawn Care Program", https://olympiawa.gov/city-utilities/storm-and-surface-water/education-and-action/go-green-lawncare-prog, application deadline is January 31, 2015.