Walking Park Guide: The members of SWONA created four "parklets" at different points in the neighborhood in 2008, via a grant from the County Health Department.  The goal was to give more neighbors a reason to get out and walk -- so was born the idea of a "Walking Park" that each person would "create" by walking from one spot to the other, varying the walk (and thus the "park") according to whim.  However, brilliant as that idea may have been, hardly anyone knew about it...  We needed a guide to explain the concept and to indicate where the parklets were.  Finally in 2017, thanks to another small grant, we collaborated on a map that not only shows the "parklets" but highlights some unique spots in our unique neighborhood.  We even found an artist, Jeff Pasek, who lives in the neighborhood and turned our suggestions into the guide you'll find here.  We encourage you to download it (8.5 x 14 paper) and follow its lead.


Walking Park Grant: SWONA now has a grant from the City to upgrade, cleanup and improve all the sites in our Walking Park.  We are looking for volunteers, please contact SWONA at swona2007@yahoo.com to volunteer, I will put you in contact with the project coordinator, Charlie Stephens. 


Description:The SWONA Walking Park consists of four locations around our neighborhood that have features designed to enhance the walking experience.  9th and Fern is our "Welcome Spot" where we have a sign board, plants and a short path from the Fern St sidewalk to the bus stop on 9th.  Our next location is at the South end of Decatur St, past the PSE Substation and is called "Decatur Pathway Park".  It is a major link in the city's bicycle corridor and is a very popular walking and bicycling path leading to the Auto Mall, Thurston County Courthouse, SPSCC and other locations.  This is also the home of our "Poetry Post".  Moving further East on 9th you come to Caton Way and our spot called "Caton Gardens".  This is an area where neighbors can come and grow vegetables or flowers in a common area at the end of this short street.  Our last location is simply a bench at the end of Midway St.  It's just a bench but the view from that bench, especially on a clear day, is spectacular.  Please take time to visit all of our spots and enjoy our neighborhood along the way.