Candidate Forum and Wellington Heights Updates

10/29/2019 11:33

A Couple of Updates


1.     City Candidate Forum


This came off smoothly thanks to the coordinated efforts of volunteers of several different neighborhood associations.  Despite the heavy rain and competing community events, about 75 people showed up  (including a dozen SWONA members) to the Forum and we got good feedback from the candidates.  TCTV filmed the event in case you missed it and are still undecided about voting.  You can find it here:


     2.    Wellington Heights



The Wellington Heights development is currently paused while Ecology makes a decision on their revised stormwater permit.  Bruce Titus sent in the engineering report they were not allowed to submit earlier in the year to the City, which if accepted could delay the development for a much longer period.  The stormwater permit application documents are available in the following link:  Please scroll down under “Search Results” for the documents available to date to download.