Candidate Forum Survey for fall election

09/11/2019 19:32



The Olympia Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) is sponsoring 2 candidate forums for the upcoming City Council elections -- one on the eastside and the other on the westside. We have created a SurveyMonkey to gather questions from neighborhood residents. Please share the survey link below to encourage as much participation as possible. The plan is to keep the survey open until the 18th. A brief intro explains the purpose of the survey.  At the SWONA meeting on September 19 we'll be giving up update on forum planning and how you can help if interested.


Eastside Neighborhood Candidate Forum

Wednesday, October 9


Elks Lodge


Westside Neighborhood Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 17th


Garfield Elementary School


Thanks for sharing this link and helping to generate some good questions from your neighbors.