December 2020 Meeting Minutes are posted

01/24/2021 11:18
Hi folks - The minutes from the SWONA meeting held via Zoom on December 17th are posted on the left hand sidebar links.  The next SWONA meeting is scheduled for March 18th.  This will be our annual meeting and we will need to find replacements for almost all our board members.  Carri and I have extended an year more than our terms due to the pandemic, Angela Rush has been filling in temporarily as Secretary as the previous person (Bradley Bobbit) moved to Minnesota, and Ryan's term is up in March.   At this point the meeting will still be held on Zoom.
Tri County Holding LLC (Jack Armstrong) is proposing to "develop" (clear cut) 2.28 acres and build 69 multi family units in four three story buildings on the corner of 9th and Fern.  This will remove the Welcome Spot pocket park that we have developed and maintained for several years.  We had an Olympia Council of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) meeting on January 11th and I confirmed from one of the City planners that they will require a full traffic analysis at 9th and Fern for the proposed apartment complex.  She mentioned something about installing a roundabout but I do not see how that would work with the existing street layout.  We will be posting updates as they are available about this proposed development.  
The City Council passed the euphemistically titled "Housing Options" resolution in their December meeting.  This proposal replaces the Missing Middle as the vehicle for allowing increased density in single family neighborhoods.  The City is lobbying the State legislature this session for $6 million for right of way (ROW) and design work on a new Highway 101 offramp at Yauger that was their prerequisite for opening up Decatur and 16th/Fern.  The comprehensive planning process begins again this year and will be finished in 2025.  Again, we will be posting updates as they become available about this process.