December 2020 Meeting Minutes

01/24/2021 11:13

SWONA Meeting, Thursday, December 17, 2020, 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom


Present: Ryan Hollander, Carri LeRoy, Mark, Toy, Dan Leahy, Nancy Comenzind,

 Rob Healy, ‘Eden’, Faith Coldron



7:00 pm         Introductions

Zoom meeting logistics – Carri gave instructions on how to navigate Zoom.

7:10 pm         Approval of September minutes – minutes approved

7:15 pm         Updates

-       Mural maintenance – City notified us of 2012 MOU with SWONA to maintain mural on Olympic Way NW.  We organized a work party and pressure washed and repainted the mural the weekend of October 3rd

-       Unity Church update – Unity Church, along with Build A Bus charity, hosted a October 7 Zoom meeting to answer neighbor questions on proposed homeless services at the church.  They ended up not hosting residents of 2828 Martin Way (they went to First Methodist instead – about 30 people total) but continue to host a mobile shower service on Tuesdays.  Attendance has been lower than expected – will discuss continuing of service in January.  Nancy explained the temporary parking problem on Fern Street as nearby Evergreen Vista apartments clamping down on unauthorized parking in their facility.  Some residents could not register their cars due to expired tabs, lack of insurance, etc.  Some are being allowed to park at Unity Church parking lot temporarily.  City responded by posting No Parking signs and ticketing/towing vehicles and it has cleared up somewhat.  Unity Church has applied to City to host up to 3 homeless in Bishop wing.

-       CNA update – Since last SWONA meeting Mark has attended two CNA meetings.  October meeting primary discussion on homeowner responsibilities for sidewalk and tree maintenance.   November meeting centered on discussion of City Parks planning update and Housing Options (new version of Missing Middle) ordinance to allow higher housing density in neighborhoods. 

-       Preproposal for additional 69 apartments on 9th & Fern Street.  Dan Leahy presented.  Jack Armstrong still owns property but Jeff Pantier submitted preliminary drawings to City (Jeff and Judy Grogan are developers – also did Little Tuscany and Views on 5th).  No formal proposal yet to discuss with City to protest.  Dan’s suggestion is to write postcards to Grogans to discourage development – which would eliminate Welcome Spot pocket park.  Discussion of existing ‘overburdened’ traffic problem at 9th and Fern Street and accumulative impact of all these proposed developments.  Additional discussion of ‘future street extension’ sign Lennar put on 18th to Decatur. City did not directly respond to inquiry on sign, but appears to be deceptive advertising by Lennar.

-       Eden asked about timeframe for voicing concern on proposed 9th & Fern apartments, concern about lack of environmental impact statement for cutting down remaining trees and impacting wildlife.  Mark responded that during Wellington Heights application process we put updates on website, attended City Council and Planning Commission meetings to express opposition.  Our efforts delayed approvel and improved stormwater design.  Carri suggested contacting City and pressing on requiring environmental impact analysis.  Mark said Charlie Stephens has been maintaining pocket park and has had contact with Mr. Armstrong.

7:35 pm         Discussion – Looking forward to 2021

-       New NMG cycle – Ideas?  Ryan said timing tricky with social distancing.  Ryan suggested discussion at March meeting but a little late for application.  Mark thought about applying for improvements (weatherproof message board) at Welcome Spot and at West Central Park.

-       New SWONA officers.  At a minimum, Mark and Carri not continuing.  Need to outreach for new Board volunteers before next meeting.

-       Membership Dues – Carri noted no 2020 dues do to pandemic.  On one hand not much happening with pandemic, but on other we may want to consider a membership drive to replenish budget.  Nancy says Unity Church is a member of SWONA, unsure of membership dues status.  Maybe a follow up meeting to organize this?  Sandwich boards have not been going out as a reminder, which we could also do for next meeting.   Mark offered Nancy publicizing drives for homeless for Unity Church.

-       WIBA – Ryan thought it would be nice to invite them to next meeting to introduce themselves and what they do.  Also invite community police officer reporting on local crime updates.  As things open up, also have SWONA as a vehicle for local events.  Also Ryan wanted to add placeholder in agenda for announcements by neighbors to draw them out.  Ryan suggested kitchen cabinet meeting at end of January to discuss next steps.  Faith thanked folks for organizing meeting.  Faith has 2.5 y.o. that has been keeping her busy during pandemic, Ryan has 10 month old.  Nancy asked about plans for Ferncrest Apartments, noted vandalism there.  Mark noted higher homeless population in Decatur forest on recent stroll.   Mark will write up minutes with ‘to do’ list for kitchen cabinet meeting.

8:00 pm         Adjourn