December 2022 Meeting minutes

03/07/2023 11:59

SWONA Quarterly Meeting minutes 12/15/22


 Attendees: 15 in person at Gloria Dei Church


2 speakers canceled.


Mark Toy spoke about Dan Leahy’s passing last week.


Folks introduced themselves and spoke a bit about their relationship with Dan.


Mark gave updates from CNA neighborhood coalition association meeting.

●      Triangle development

●      West bay woods to move forward with no plans of widening the street

●      Each meeting a city Council member reports this meeting was Clark Gilman. Clark spoke about Landlord registration program up-and-coming. The homeless encampment was cleared out on Ensign Rd.  Due to budget shortfalls, doesnot include funding for any sidewalk repairs. CNA is arguing to have it put back on.


Mark and Ryan spoke about potential CNA meeting volunteers.


Mark, spoke about the last clean up at the rainier Vista pocket park. Mark plans to plant iris bulbs at the bench.


Mark and Phil spoke about possible poetry post clean up organization.


 Phil and Mark discussed bike to work this year. Possible organization needed volunteers.


Volunteer needed to maintain the SWONA website.


Vice president role is currently opening with a two-year commitment and volunteers are needed


We always welcome ideas for the neighborhood matching grant


Thea spoke about the west central park. Sunday work party is mostly in the summer. She mentioned they did get some grants for next year projects. They have vegetable beds that need to be used up. She needs some board member volunteers.


Mark explained that the Department of Health Covid dashboard is updated every Wednesday and the weekly flu.


Discussed wanting to get officer Jacob Theis back for March meeting.


Cabinet update: Grace Fletcher agreed to be appointed as SWONA Treasurer.