January 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

01/24/2019 21:23

SWONA,  Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association

Quarterly Meeting of the Members

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Held at: Gloria Dei Church

Time: 7:00 pm

Approximately 35 people present.



Everyone in the room introduced themselves and noted where they live in the Southwest neighborhood.


Treasurer’s report

Our treasurer, Carrie LeRoy, is away. Renewal and new membership dues were collected by Linda Condon, filling in for .  Carrie will send out forms by email for renewals.



Minutes were not available for the September 2018 meeting. Vice president Karen Janowitz is taking notes to fill in for secretary Angela Rush who was unable to meet.



  • Reminder that we have information on the SWONA website – swonaonline.com.
  • City neighborhood information can be found at olympianeighborhoods.org
  • Missing middle is still being fought by some. Google for the website noolyupzone.
  • Teresa Madsen is the one lead for SWONA Next Door site. She is asking for more help with this. It is a volunteer position.  It is recommended to have 5-6 leads for neighborhood our size. 
  • Watch “Homes and Hands” documentary about houselessness.



SWONA president Mark Toy provided updates and information on a variety of neighborhood and City of Olympia topics.  See below.



  • Mark Toy gave an overview of the Wellington Heights Development issue, and current events. Events are moving quickly.
  • Mark has available a summary from Dan Leahy dated December 29.  Dan outlined events from Dec 6-29, including the hearing examiner’s mitigation of determination of non-significance (MDNS).
  • 147 people in the neighborhood signed up as parties of record with the City.
  • Without going through City procedures, City deleted two mitigation items related to stormwater management after request from developer.  With monetary support from many SWONA members, a SWONA member hired a lawyer to appeal the removal of the mitigation. The hearing examiner agreed with us and required the City to follow proper procedure.
  • The day of our meeting was the deadline for comments on the mitigation of determination of non-significance (MDNS). Many attending members sent in comments.
  • Appeals must be filed by Jan 17.
  • (updated information – Bruce Titus, owner of auto mall property, submitted an appeal concerning the stormwater. No appeal was submitted concerning traffic. The hearing examiner will consider the appeal at a public meeting on Feb 4th at 6 pm at City Hall.)
  • It was noted that the development company (ABS) could not do business in the state because they were no longer in business. (update – the company reapplied and is now in business again).
  • The property for the development is comprised of two lots owned by two separate people. Members have tried to contact them to no avail.
    • According to Dan’s letter, ABS hopes to purchase the properties on Feb 20th.
  • Steven Kant is interested in researching the city’s development process. Have any applications been denied? Why do citizens have no voice?
  • Contact Steven if you would like to help on this issue.
  • Concerning the MDNS, one of the city councilmembers admitted to the process being flawed.
  • Karen Janowitz noted that it should not be assumed that all SWONA members are against the development. 



  • A new tiny home site for homeless people is being built near the Japanese Garden off Plum St. There is an open house for more information on January 31st.
  • Churches are allowed 3-6 tiny homes.
  • There is a city-sanctioned downtown encampment with about 70 tents. Downtown businesses halted more being added.
  • The issue continues to be very big in Olympia.



March 21, 2019.

Ideas for topics include community policity, new officers?, Zahid discussing the Thurston housing land trust.



Officers of the SWONA board are elected for two-year terms, with election of President and Treasurer held in even years and election of Vice President and Secretary held in odd years.  Election of Vice President and Secretary will occur at our next meeting in March.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Next quarterly Membership meeting:  March 21, 2019

-submitted by Karen Janowitz, SWONA VP, filling in for Angela Rush