June 2021 Meeting Minutes

11/04/2021 15:32

SWONA Meeting notes June 17th 


-Introductions -Cat Kelly - Treasurer, Nicole Grant - Secretary, Mark - Vice President, Ryan - President 


-Timberland Library has a new branch at Capital Mall, between REI & movie theatre

-Spray Ground is open at Woodruff Park 

-Dirt works (behind Yauger) has a glass recycling center now 

-Intercity Transit and OPD joined together to do Please Slow Down Signs! Tomorrow is last day to get them at OPD downtown … during business 

-Nicole talked about Juneteenth significance, events in the area. 


-Mark is to post responses for city council information. More information to come. Multiple seats open. 

-neighborhood matching grant with the city. Mark was able to connect with Lidia. Expected to get more information on that next week. Discussion to come for Mark and Ryan around artist signature for liability insurance, etc. 

-Membership drives for 2020 were slow. Cat Kelly discussed diversifying becoming a SWONA member meaning a Google form to apply to be a member and a online platform to pay (venmo, paypal, etc.) more discussion with Ryan and Mark. Updates to come! We need to have a PO Box as well. More to come as well get more on contracts. 

-Ryan says watch for an email in about a month or so about membership dues, etc. 

-Ryan discussed the defacing of the mural yet again. We discussed the idea of adding sealant to make it easier to clean if the event it was defaced. Ryan essentially said let’s discuss as a group. Cat asked about maintenance listed in the contract over time. Dana mentioned Sherwin Williams would potentially be willing to donate paint if we came up with a proposal. 

-Ryan asked for volunteers for folks to continue to continue mural discussion. Separate meeting to come. 

-Officer Pierce was not able to join us. Ryan mentioned heightened catalytic converter theft. 

-SWONA events …. Thea and Josh talked about West Central Park.. 19th is a plant swap at Marie BNB… there will be a master gardener there, the 27th there will be a granite party.. Jersey bear will be painted tomorrow, music is coming back to the park soon… TBD on dates, always looking for volunteers 10-1 on Sunday rain, shine, snow. 3 new raised garden beds with a slew of veggies and 2 more to come for herbs for the cafe to have fresh ingredients on site, cafe has been doing great-limited seating, upstairs balcony open again, small library there for kids books and they are changed every Sunday. We have way more ideas than there are bodies Thea says. Artists want to create a little free library for art instead of books. New canopy cover is hopefully going to be a center for shaded seating to eat, and potentially a small scale market. Always looking for people who want to do social media. Definitely a need for folks who have wood working to make some benches and tables. *Ryan mentioned add link to their facebook page here* westcentralpark.org or find them on Facebook as WCP. 

-Talked about safety concerns around SWONA picnic .. talked about folks not feeling comfortable for unvaxxed kids, etc. Leaning more towards Front Porch Sing Out .. more to come

-Rebekah came in place of Officer Pierce, came unexpectedly without info to share. Catalytic converter thefts, not just at night time anymore, they’re staking them out and then stealing in the day time, often. So any suspicious activity around cars… call it in. Honda Pilots, U-Hauls, RVs, etc have been targeted lately. Typically sounds like a sawing sound while it’s being cut out. Thieves are tending to put back tires on blocks. Some tire theft in NW Oly, couldn’t recall any in SWONA. Garage doors being left opened, theft from inside the house, etc. So be sure to close the garage door when doing yard work. Needle use is pretty consistent. Parks are adding sharps containers which is helping with littering of needles. Rebecca to follow up on possible sharp container kits for community members through city or health dept. Per Nicole’s request, Decatur ends with a pathway that connects to a pathway to the auto mall, it is the trail heads for the encampment, Rebekah is to look into what kind of social work, etc has come to disperse the folks potentially. 

OPD blotter can be received by going to olympiawa.gov and sign up to receive weekly. 

-Other guest was Daniel Einstein from Oly Eco Systems to talk about West Bay Yards. Daniel touched on the stress within the ecosystem as we’re seeing increased homelessness, and real estate? How do we preserve ecosystem functions in the city? Daniel talked about some of the homeless encampments being in the middle of the essential ecosystem areas. Conserved 22 acres in west bay woods to try to deal with stormwater. Right now focusing on the west bay shoreline area, talked about a vision created by the city. City is discussing filling tide lands, which will take away from restoration efforts, etc. Luxury apartments and commercial buildings adding to west bay drive, talked about parcel boundaries, talked about touching the salmon population, talked about tree cover and water temperature importance for salmon, etc. Daniel encourages community members to see what needs to be done in our neighborhood. *Ryan mentioned providing their facebook info*