March 2021 Meeting Minutes now posted plus other updates

03/29/2021 17:53

Updates – March 28, 2021 by Mark Toy

Hi folks – The minutes from the annual meeting held on March 18 are on the website – just click on the Minutes link on the left hand site of the webpage.  I guess the big news is we have two new board members.  Cat Kelly has agreed to take over the Treasurer position from Carri LeRoy and Nicole Grant has agreed to take over the Secretary position from Angela Rush (who was filling in because Bradley Bobbit had moved out of the area).  Ryan Hollander has moved from Vice President to President on the condition that I stay on the board as Vice President for a year for handover.  We will be doing handover on the board positions over the next month.    I am current planning on moving out of the area sometime next year so would like to hand over all the things I am currently doing, neighborhood-wise, by then.  Please check the minutes to links to other interesting things happening locally like Arts Walk, Doorstop Dinners and the West Bay Yards development agreement.

Following input from many of you after the annual meeting, I revised our Neighborhood Matching Grant (NMG) application to include a more ambitious mural replacement project and some traffic mitigation activities (which Dan Leahy has volunteered to organize), that was submitted to the City on the deadline date of March 22.  The application budget has increased from $515 to $2780 to accommodate these additional projects, and we will find out in a couple of months whether we got City approval.  However, we will not wait for the first part of the mural project – whitewashing the defaced portion of the mural.  Ryan sent out an e-mail to our distribution list looking for volunteers to this work party, which should be done by the end of April.

Several of us attended a 3-hour virtual City Council meeting on March 23 to speak for two minutes to voice our opposition to the proposed development agreement on the West Bay Yards development.  There are links to find out more about this project in the March 18 meeting minutes.

Stay tuned for more information about the status of the NMG at our next quarterly meeting to be held on Thursday, June 17.  We’ll also probably make a decision on whether or not to hold an annual picnic in August and an in-person meeting in September depending on the state of the pandemic at that time.  I finally fixed the feedback form on the Contact Us link on the land hand side of the website to actually work to send feeback to our correct e-mail at  It had been going to a black hole previously (unknown to me) of our e-mail address of several iterations ago.  Someone pointed out the problem at the annual meeting.