Mural and Membership Application

09/19/2021 08:51

Hi folks - just a couple of updates. First, the mural.  We plan to do cleaning today and painting next weekend (September 25 and 26) from 10-4 (or whenever you can show up to help).  Please bring painting clothes, brushes/rollers, and containers for mixing paint.  We will have buckets for rinsing out brushes after.  Please remember to sign in when you come so we can document volunteer hours for the neighborhood matching grant.  Also, since the project is in the public right of way the City asks we have no volunteers younger than 16 (sorry).

Also, we have a new online form for becoming a member of SWONA.  The link is in the center of the main page (Become a member).  You can also use the form to mail us a check to our PO Box if that is your preference.  Membership dues are $10/year, and allows us to keep the neighborhood association going to do events like our annual picnic.   This has been difficult to do since the pandemic started as most people paid dues when they physically came to meetings.