Next SWONA meeting is September 24 (Update)

09/19/2020 16:11

Hi folks - The agenda for the next virtual SWONA meeting (via Zoom) has been posted on the Agenda link on the left side of the SWONA webpage.  E-mail invitations will be sent to all SWONA members we have on record.  Two new items came up since my last entry.  A public hearing on 'Housing Options' is to be held September 23 (the day before the SWONA meeting) so I have posted a FAQ on this that the city developed as a separate update.  Please read it and attend the public hearing if you have time.  The main discussion topic for the next SWONA meeting will be organizing maintenance of the mural on Olympic Way.  Apparently, when we got a Neighborhood Matching Grant to paint the mural in 2012 we signed an agreement that we would maintain it.  Recently there has been a growth in graffiti on this mural and this needs to be cleaned up.  Hopefully we can get some neighborhood volunteers to do that and we can start on logistics on Thursday.  If we need supplies to do this I can also ask for an amendment for our current Neighborhood Matching Grant to realign some funds as many activities we had planned to do in 2020 have been curtailed due to the pandemic.