November 19 meeting minutes

12/01/2015 21:56

SWONA Quarterly Membership Meeting

Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Held at: Gloria Dei Church

Time: 8:00pm

Approximately 20 people present.



Treasure’s Report

Ann Vandeman, SWONA Treasurer, was absent but the Treasurer’s Report was made available for the written meeting minutes.


There is currently $275.25 in the SWONA bank account.

We've spent a total of $4,302 on the pathway (mostly on blocks, soil and plants), all of which has been reimbursed by the city.



Everyone present was asked to introduce themselves, note where they live, and respond to the question: How many trick-or-treaters came to your door at Halloween?

Seems there were varying numbers of ghosts and goblins in all parts of the Southwest neighborhood!



The evening’s presentation was made by Sgt. Bryan Wyllie, Special Operations, Olympia Police Department, whose primary focus is traffic issues.

Sgt. Wyllie began by polling the group about traffic problems and concerns within the Southwest neighborhood. Speeding and ignored stop signs were among the majority of issues voiced. He made note of specific problem areas, and will be arranging for measurement devices to be installed to help determine the best approach to solutions. He will also request for the presence of extra patrol cars for ticketing traffic violations in the problem areas.  The police department will try to give a courtesy “heads up” to neighbors of the dates and times of the planned extra patrols by using Facebook and/or Twitter.


The group talked about graffiti and the increase in tagging on fences, walls, and areas in Westside neighborhoods. Sgt. Wyllie noted that Amy Stoll is the lead police department officer for graffiti problems. The best help that neighbors can provide is to be vigilant and be eyes and ears for the Olympia PD.


Phil Cornell handed out an informational write-up regarding graffiti that details who is responsible for clean-up of various types of properties and tagging sites, how to report graffiti, and how to request a free neighborhood graffiti removal kit.



Decatur Pathway Park

Phil Cornell gave a brief report on the last finishing touches and completion of landscaping for the Decatur Pathway Park – all of which was accomplished by the hard work of neighborhood volunteers. In a word: It’s Beautiful! In fact, the large amounts of recent rains have had little to no impact on the completed landscaping. Congratulations to all!


Next Quarterly Membership meeting:  March 17, 2016

Emergency Preparedness will be the planned topic for presentation and discussion.