OPD Weekly Update

09/19/2013 17:37

This week’s map:

Notable Trends:

- Auto thefts continue, especially on the Westside and primarily early model Hondas (1992-2000)

- Quite a few vehicle prowls in the Black Lake/Fern St SW areas. At least half of the eleven vehicles prowled in Olympia last week were unsecured.

- Residential burglaries scattered across town; no obvious trend

Other Items:

- Two of our new recruits graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Center Academy Basic Law Enforcement Academy this week. Officers George Clark and Paul Frailey will return here after a couple of days off to start their field training. In the past few weeks, we’ve hired two more entry-level officers who will be going to the Academy in November and a lateral officer. Plus, there are four officers in field training right now. New faces and busy times here!


Amy Stull
Senior Program Specialist
Police Community Programs
Olympia Police Department
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