OPD Weekly Update

09/25/2013 22:21


The map for this week:

Notable Trends:

- Huge spike in vehicle prowls this week. A total of 17, all over the City. About half unsecured, half window shatters.

- Honda thefts significantly less. The two taken this week did not match the pattern – one was left running, unattended.

- Residential burglary in the SE are starting to pick up, while there has been a decrease on the Westside.

Other Items:

- Over the past 6-8 weeks, the majority of residential burglaries have been via a window.

- A couple of neighborhoods and I are learning the hard way that squatters can be a difficult problem to tackle, even if criminal activity is suspected. One thing I’ve learned is that preventing this situation goes back to one of the basic principles of neighborhood safety – get to know your neighbors. Having contact information for the owners and keeping them informed of any trespassers immediately can help prevent a long, drawn-out process.


A short explanation for anyone new to the distribution list – this map represents the Part 1 (serious felony person and property crimes) and vehicle prowls that were reported to us in the past week. Click on the icons for more details. This information is one of the tools we use to identify crime trends and allocate resources. Currently this map is being sent to Block Watch groups, Neighborhood Associations, apartment managers and OPD volunteers. Addresses are rounded to the nearest block.

Amy Stull
Senior Program Specialist
Police Community Programs
Olympia Police Department
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