OPD Weekly Update

10/09/2013 11:28



The past week’s map:



Notable Trends:

  • This week - eleven vehicle prowls, nine unsecured and five residential burglaries, all forced entry


Also, we had our monthly comprehensive meeting today:


  • Current efforts –
    • Continuing focus on auto theft activity – response by detectives has made a significant impact on Honda thefts on the Westside with the last one taken on 9/23
    • Possible emerging residential burglary trend in SE (11 in the past month) – officers will be paying attention to problem houses and known criminals as well as increasing patrol
    • Increase in felony assaults downtown – staff will be analyzing data and working with downtown groups to address the issue


  • Three months ago, the trends were –
    • Westside residential burglaries (numbers now down significantly after problem house and known criminals targeted)
    • Main corridor commercial burglaries (numbers down, major criminal ring investigated resulting in multi-jurisdictional cases)


  • Overall Part 1 crime 2013 total projections, in comparison to 2012
    • Robbery – about the same
    • Rape – down
    • Aggravated Assaults – about the same
    • Residential Burglaries – down
    • Commercial Burglaries – about the same
    • Auto Thefts – up (on track to be the highest since 2008)
    • Vehicle Prowls – down


One of the reasons I share this information is to encourage practicing basic crime prevention and reporting of suspicious people/circumstances. Without information from citizens, we wouldn’t be able to identify crime trends accurately or have knowledge about problem locations. When a trend is stopped, credit also goes the residents for doing their part to deter crime.




Amy Stull

Senior Program Specialist

Police Community Programs

Olympia Police Department

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