OPD Weekly Update

10/23/2013 16:48



The map for the past week: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html?appid=d98eaa8d0e6b473094328c4c3461c993


Notable Trends:

  • Emphasis continues on SE area burglaries. Officers contacted and arrested two vehicle prowl suspects in the area. They are being investigated for any connection to burglaries. There isn’t a specific entry point or method identified, although the majority are happening in the daytime.


  • Outbreak of vehicle prowls in the northeast, happening over 3 nights. Five were unsecured, four with shattered windows. Items targeted were varied.


Other Items:

  • Thanks for responding to the request for comments on the Thurston County Hazardous Waste Management Plan. The County and City are working together on a joint effort to combat the issue of dirty needles.


  • Also, thank you for taking the survey about fireworks back in late July. I was able to pinpoint specific problem areas and times, plus share comments about expectations with the OPD Management Team.




Amy Stull

Senior Program Specialist

Police Community Programs

Olympia Police Department

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