OPD Weekly Update

11/14/2013 10:46



The map for the past week: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html?appid=8efd8558851d428e854ba4887a44ca5e


Notable Trends:


  • Another active week for vehicle prowls, with 12 reported
  • Had monthly meeting with Chief Roberts yesterday to talk about trends during October:
    • Westside Residential Burglaries are down
    • Auto Thefts are down
    • Southeast Residential Burglaries still a concern, but no specific trend. Two arrests have been made, clearing two of the cases.
    • Storage Unit/Shed Burglaries


Other Information:


  • We also discussed year-to-date (YTD) numbers for Part 1 crimes. Because slight variation in numbers can cause large percentage changes from year to year, I’m comparing them to an average instead:
    • Robbery is at an average number (33 YTD/47% clearance rate).
    • Rape is at an average number (25 YTD/clearance rate unclear due to open cases/breakdown – 76% acquaintance, 20% child victim, 4% stranger).
    • Aggravated Assault is below average (55 YTD/83% clearance rate. There have been extra officers working downtown to prevent assaults in that area. Only one agg assault reported downtown in Oct.)
    • Residential Burglary is at an average number (218 YTD/33 arrests). This is a big improvement over 2012.
    • Commercial Burglary is at an average number (95 YTD/7 arrests).
    • Auto Theft is above average (140 YTD/19 arrests).
    • Vehicle Prowls are below average (279 YTD/12 arrests). Our volunteers will be increasing prevention education during the holiday season.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Amy Stull

Senior Program Specialist

Police Community Programs

Olympia Police Department

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