OPD Weekly Update

01/16/2014 19:16



The map for the past week:




Notable Trends:

  • Multiple residential burglaries in SW area and SE.
  • In several of the residential burglary cases, entry was made by forcing the front door during the daytime. Please report suspicious activity. Also, hardware stores carry inexpensive metal security strike plates that can be used to enhance the security of wooden door jambs. These should be installed with 3” screws.

First Watch Security 1025 Security Latch Strike Plate

  • There is a possible regional trend of vehicle prowls at fitness centers developing. This is something we see periodically. Try to minimize the valuables you bring to the gym because locker rooms are also sometimes targeted.


Other Items:

  • As many people have heard, filling our vacant positions is one of the top priorities for this year. One new recruit started the police academy on Jan. 6th. Another has been hired and will start in February. Two are already at the academy, two are in the field training program and two recently finished training. Phew!
  • Some positions rotated at the beginning of the year. Lt. Jim Costa is now the Westside liaison and Lt. Bill Wilson is in charge of Detectives. Also, Officer Rob Beckwell has been added to Walking Patrol.




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