OPD Weekly Update

01/23/2014 15:52



The map for the past week:



Update on Continuing Trends:

  • More residential burglaries  (4) on the Westside – two were via doggie doors and leads are being tracked in one case. The two northern burglaries both happened the afternoon of 1/14. The two SW burglaries were the afternoon of 1/17. Jewelry was a shared target but one home had nothing missing.
  • More residential burglaries (4) in the Southeast – a door was pried in two cases and there was no forced entry in the other two. All occurred in the afternoon on Jan. 16 or 17. Jewelry and electronics were targets.
  • Vehicle prowl numbers were down.


New or Possible Emerging Trends:

  • There were 7 auto thefts/recoveries reported. There is no consistency in make, age, area or time of day. There were arrests made in one case.


Violent Crime:

  • There were 2 robberies on Jan. 14th. One was a shoplift involving assault and one was an attempt at an ATM. Both occurred in the evening.
  • A rape was reported without a specific location. The case is under investigation. The victim was a juvenile unable to give consent by law.


Other items:

  • I’ve been asked to provide more details, so am attempting to do so this time. Please let me know if I’m too wordy.
  • I will be out of the office Jan. 29-Feb. 17th. I’ll catch up on maps when I get back. If you need or think you may need any type of officer response, please call dispatch at 9-1-1 or 704-2740. If you have questions you’d generally contact me about, please call our business office at 753-8300 and they will direct you accordingly. They are open 9-4, Mon-Fri.


Thanks, Amy


Amy Stull

Senior Program Specialist

Police Community Programs

Olympia Police Department

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