Please read! Wellington Heights Site Review Committee meeting

10/21/2018 13:31

Dear SWONA neighbors - This Wednesday the City’s Site Review Committee will make their recommendation to the Hearing Examiner about the proposed Wellington Heights development.  This is the last time to voice our concerns about this project to the City (specifically, Paula Smith <>, the planner assigned to this project) before it goes to the Hearing Examiner, so please consider sending another e-mail to her reiterating our opposition to the project before Wednesday.  After that, our only recourse is legal (if the City approves the project) and that is very expensive.  Dan Leahy has sent a very long e-mail to Paula (which many of you received either via e-mail or as a flyer on your front porch) that details many examples of why this development is unacceptable in its current form.  Please include any of these examples (as well as your own) in your e-mail or letter to the City.  We that live in Wellington West (adjacent to this proposed development) will feel the construction and ongoing impacts most acutely.  If you have time, please consider attending the Site Review Committee meeting on Wednesday,  We can’t make comment, but we can at least see and document how well our City government represents us.


Mark Toy
President, SW Olympia Neighborhood Association (SWONA)