Poetry Post

05/13/2017 16:22

The dedication of the Poetry Post at the end of Decatur St SW happened today.  Several SWONA members and some guests were there to watch as pieces were welded onto the vine.  SWONA President, Phil Cornell, read an original poem in dedication of the final piece of the Decatur Pathway Project.  The pathway project is complete, we will be maintaining it for years to come as the spectacular Southern entrance to our neighborhood.  Please stop by sometime and “read a poem…leave a poem”.

Phil's poem:

The Post, it’s such a fine thing,

To be such a gracious host

To the many who travel by,

And stop to ask, why

Is that iron vine there?

Is there a reason I must beware?

Alas, there is nothing to fret,

Just place your thoughts here, and let

Other passersby read, and think,

Hmm…That poem I just read… I do not get.


Our neighborhood takes real pride

In what we have created here.

Let the entire city get on their bikes and ride

Past this wondrous piece of art that stands near.

It is the crowning piece of a project that was long,

And will remain as a symbol of a neighborhood that is strong.


I present to you, your new Poetry Post!