President’s Update – February 1, 2020

02/01/2020 13:04

President’s Update – February 1, 2020


Several things to report since the last SWONA meeting:


1. Minutes from the last SWONA meeting in December are now posted – click on the Meeting Minutes link on the website Menu.


We got an e-mail from Aimee Weber, one of the presenters at the December meeting, with answers to a couple of questions that were asked at the meeting:


What does one do with used veggie oil?  According to the TCSW site, if you have less than one cup of oil, you may place it in the garbage can. Quantities greater than 1 cup should be collected and taken to Hazohouse.


Orange medicine prescription containers cannot be recycled, but what about small prescription vials that have a narrow mouth screw top?  As we discussed, although the mouth is smaller than the base, any container smaller than your fist, should not be recycled.


2. An Annual Meeting notice is also posted in the News section.


Elections for the new President and Treasurer plus other stuff will be discussed.


3. The first installment of a brief history of our Neighborhood and SWONA article is now posted – click on the ‘About Us’ link on the website Menu.


Thank you Bethany.


4. The 2020 Neighborhood Matching Grant (NMG) application is due to the City on March 9.


Since the NMG application is due to the City prior to our next scheduled meeting we will be unable to discuss it.  If you have bright ideas for the 2020 NMG application, please send them to our website:  Please be advised if you have a bright idea, you might be asked for additional information (like a budget or quote).  I am finishing up the final report for the 2019 NMG this weekend as it is due to the City on Monday, February 3.