September 24, 2020 Meeting Minutes

10/11/2020 13:18

9/24/20 SWONA Quarterly Meeting


7:00 pm

Pre-meeting: Puget Sound Energy cut down trees without permission at 4th & Thomas as they were installing new poles. Sent neighbor $200 and an apology.


7:10 pm     

Approval of June minutes




Mark Toy

Ryan Hollander

Kate Fehnsfeld and Steve

Karen Janowitz

Paul Swanda

Mark Delaplane

Nancy Camenzind

Dan Leahy & Bethany



(Two people are members of Unity Church 13th and Fern)


7:15 pm    



Art in Alley, Front Yard Singout


CNA update 

·      City is hiring police auditor

·      creating social justice committee

·      lobbyist real estate, South Capitol

·      planned condo development on West Bay Drive

·      redevelopment of Capital Mall into mixed use -  condos?

·      unhoused population

·      BLM protests and counter-protest


Covid going into fall

·      health office leaders leaving at end of year

·      emphasis right now is to replace emergency response structure and streamline in to existing health programs

·      DOH has been manufacturing own COVID test kits. Seeking contract manufacturer. Preparing to roll out vaccine.


Neighborhood News/ comments

·      let’s consolidate SWONA sing out next time?

·      below 4th Ave. hospital property on sale for $250,000

·      SWONA sing out was a great mixer! Let’s do it 1-2 times/ year

·      Plan December Sing out for Dec. 19?

·      $55,000 raised for families displaced by arson on 9th Ave


7:30 pm   

Maintenance of the Art Wall on Olympic Way (graffiti)

·      city notified us that there is graffiti on our 2012 mural

·      Mark is picking up extra paint from original painters

·      Call for volunteers Sat/Sun October 3&4

·      Mark will approach neighbor with hose attachment

·      Dan Leahy

·      Kate Fehsenfeld


7:45 pm Open Conversation


• SWONA Adopt a roundabout: should we buy bulbs with the Gloria Dei refund?

            • Margaret has iris tubers available


• Per Nancy Camenzind, Council Chair at Unity Church on Fern: will not be bringing small houses to their church, but will be bringing shower trailer for unhoused community build by Build a bus home. Shower trailer will be HQed there, people that need shower facilities will be bused in. Shelter possibility down the road.


• should SWONA write a letter of support to City of Olympia for Unity Church showers? Dan is interested in helping. Mark requested a letter from Nancy so we could publicize what they’re doing.


• Interfaith Works is seeking volunteers to help unhoused c/o Peter Cook


• Neighbor is concerned about sheltering unhoused people at Unity Church in such a dense neighborhood. Mark can push questions up to CNA if requested.


8:00 pm   Adjourn