South Sound Green Tour

04/24/2018 17:11

2018 South Sound Green Tour - Two Days In May 

Olympia, Washington​ - May 19, 2018​ - 11am - 5pm 

Tacoma, Washington​ - May 20, 2018​ - 11am - 5pm

The NW EcoBuilding Guild​ presents the 2018 South Sound Green Tour​. May 19th, around Olympia, and May 20th, in Tacoma. 

This free-to-the-public event features new homes, businesses, remodels, retrofits, rain gardens, onsite stormwater mitigation and more. 

With such exciting projects as national award winning Artisans Group’s newest Passive House, the recently expanded Swantown Inn, and the incredible community project of West Central Park open for the public to see and learn about different options they can explore for greater sustainability, this year’s event promises to be a real celebration of our community’s efforts toward greater sustainability. 

A Celebration of Sustainability

The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild​ began the Green Tour in Olympia in 2008. The Tour featured local homes and commercial sites with sustainable elements of design, construction, and materials. And while 2012 was the last Green Tour in Olympia, it continues in Seattle as the NW Green Home Tour, and is an enormous annual success. 

Each year Site Hosts show people the genuine progress being made, and help them find sustainable businesses to work with toward long term goals. In King County in 2015 “55 percent of new single- and multi-family homes received a residential green building certification.” People are working with hope for the long term in mind.

Here in Olympia and Tacoma, a lot has been happening in the world of South Sound Sustainability​, and it’s time to celebrate the progress of our community of designers, builders, innovators and craftspeople. It’s time for the 2018 South Sound Green Tour​.

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What Is the Tour?

The South Sound Green Tour is an educational event, produced by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, that showcases local, sustainable and green new homes, remodels, energy retrofits, alternative energy generation, rain gardens and more, in the greater Olympia and Tacoma region. 

Free to the public, the Green Tour is a self-guided Tour​ that provides an opportunity for members of the community to learn about sustainable building practices from the people and businesses that support it, including builders, contractors, suppliers, realtors, and green homeowners. It also serves as a way for building professionals to engage with the general public and network with each other.

More About The 2018 Green Tour

Contact:​ Jason Taellious

Phone:​ 360.918.1274


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