SWONA Annual Picnic A Success

09/01/2019 12:51

Our annual neighborhood picnic was graced with a beautiful summer day, the volunteer planning committee up and at ‘em early raising tents, firing up the grill and preparing the kids’ games. We decorated the park fence with a row of tall and colorful windsocks that set the tone of celebration and welcomed our guests. A young musician with a surprisingly smooth voice and solid guitar skills played Neil Young, Eagles and Allman Brothers songs through the sound system. Families rolled in and lined up for hot dogs and the delicious salads and pizza donated by neighborhood restaurants. Laughing kids competed in sack races and a “no-hands” donut eating contest. Several candidates for city council and the Port of Olympia were there to meet folks and spread the word. It was a day to meet new neighbors, and learn more about the neighbors you already knew. Our picnic finale saw Olympia Slow Food setting the table for an “ice cream social,” with delicious buckets of homemade ice cream using local fruit and ingredients. Joy and kindness infused the day, built by the tireless volunteers of the Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association. Our picnic sewed the community tighter together that day and reminded us all of why we love where we live.  Check out our Facebook page for photos from this event!