SWONA Board Special meeting June 18, 2015

08/23/2015 11:07

Thursday - June 18, 2015

SWONA Board  - Special Meeting





Gloria Dei Church, Olympia – after the Quarterly membership meeting


Present:  Bethany Weidner, Brent McBride, Linda Condon, Whitney Raines, Michael Bennion, Phil Cornell, Hank Govern, and Angela Rush


The special meeting was called to continue work on planning and organizing for the 25th anniversary celebration set for August 1.




Whitney has checked with various churches about the possibility of borrowing folding chairs, and some of those groups are willing to let us do so. Suggestion was made to go for any and all willing sources.



Michael brought a draft flyer design that he created. A few tweaks were suggested, but overall everyone loved it and would like to move ahead with it as the informational piece that we mail, post, and hand out. Michael and Bethany will work together on a final version.



Bethany handed out a draft budget that had been emailed to the group earlier in the day. A possible total of $1500 is available for putting on the celebration, and it looks like we have the ability to stay within that amount.



  • Phil questioned the necessity of having/renting sno cone and popcorn machines. Several comments were made in favor of the machines, and a suggestion was made to keep IF volunteers could be found to person either of them.
  • Question was raised about the number of food items planned, and whether we should drop one or more. Bethany suggested we eliminate burgers, based on the complicating factor of needing additional items such as buns, ketchup/mustard, etc. Other food items would include kosher hot dogs and pizza. Whitney spoke in favor of pizza as a good choice for folks who are vegetarian.
  • Dan will speak with Rachel at Vic’s Pizza about the possibility of receiving a donation of 8 or more giant pizzas. If cut into small slices, this could be a significant number of servings.
  • Dan will coordinate the preparation and cooking of the ribs. We need some younger volunteers to help with this.
  • Lemonade – Phil and Linda each have 5-gallon containers with a spigot. The two containers should be adequate for providing a cold drink option.
  • Watermelon and other side dishes. Bringing a food item to share will be emphasized on the informational flyer. Hopefully, we’ll get a good response.



Angela will check with Greg Black on the possibility of his band, the Blacklights, playing during the celebration. There will be a small of amount of funds in the budget to offer as payment.



Decision was made to set the celebration time as:  11am – 3pm.


More Organizing

Another meeting will be held to continue with the celebration planning on:

Thursday,  July 2, 2015, at the Westside Tavern