SWONA Quarterly Meeting minutes June 18, 2015

09/15/2015 14:39

Thursday - June 18, 2015

SWONA Quarterly Membership Meeting

Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association



Gloria Dei Church, Olympia, WA


Approximately 25-30 people were present.



SWONA President Bethany Weidner called the meeting to order. As a way of becoming better acquainted, those present were asked to introduce themselves and answer the question, “How long have you lived at your current SW Olympia address, and how many of your neighbors do you know?



Staff representatives from the City of Olympia’s Animal Services and Transportation departments spoke on topics of concern and responded to questions raised during the presentations.


Animal Services

Information was provided about the City’s nuisance codes, especially with regard to barking dogs, what constitutes a nuisance violation, and how to go about submitting a complaint. One of the most important items emphasized is that in order to effectively follow up on a citizen complaint, a record of the problem barking must be made, detailing the date, time of day, length of time that the barking continued, and whether or not the barking was provoked (such as, in response to a passerby, etc.).



Randy Wesselman spoke primarily about the various roundabouts in the SW neighborhood and their proper navigation. Discussion followed the presentation, regarding traffic issues throughout the neighborhood, such as speeding, parking, and failure to observe stop signs.

Lee Keech gave a brief overview of a planned project designed to better connect areas of westside Olympia with Highway 101 and to help in alleviating congestion. Members were encouraged to attend an upcoming informational presentation at South Puget Sound Community College and provide citizen input for the project.



The Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association will be holding a summer barbeque party on August 1, from 11am – 3pm, to celebrate creation of the Decatur Pathway Park. Everyone is welcome, bring the family and come have a great time!