SWONA Walking Park Guide is available

03/12/2018 17:35

The members of SWONA created four "parklets" at different points in the neighborhood in 2008, via a grant from the County Health Department.  The goal was to give more neighbors a reason to get out and walk -- so was born the idea of a "Walking Park" that each person would "create" by walking from one spot to the other, varying the walk (and thus the "park") according to whim.  However, brilliant as that idea may have been, hardly anyone knew about it...  We needed a guide to explain the concept and to indicate where the parklets were.  Finally in 2017, thanks to another small grant, we collaborated on a map that not only shows the "parklets" but highlights some unique spots in our unique neighborhood.  We even found an artist, Jeff Pasek, who lives in the neighborhood and turned our suggestions into the guide you'll find here.  We encourage you to download it (8.5 x 14 paper) and follow its lead.