The Welcome Spot is no more

08/19/2022 14:45

If you have walked by the old Welcome Spot pocket park on 9th and Fern in the last week you may have noticed that our sign and the concrete bench were missing.  Here is the explanation.  In early June SWONA received a letter from a lawyer representing the current owner of that property informing us that they were cancelling our 'sharing' agreement for use of the space and planned to sell the property (there is a developer proposal to cut down the trees there and build a 65-unit apartment complex).  We made several attempts to find a new home for the sign and bench but ended up getting a group together last Saturday to move them to storage until we can figure out a place to put them.  We have a e-mail in to the City to get an update on the current status of the proposed apartment complex and can hopefully give an update at the next SWONA meeting on September 15.