Current status of Wellington Heights Proposal

09/29/2018 17:54

The following message was sent to the Parties of Record from the city of Olympia. 

See the blog post on Wellington Heights for more information about the neighborhood's response to the proposed development.


Dear Parties of Record-


Some of you had the same questions after the courtesy notice was sent, so I thought I should provide more details about what you could expect to happen next.  The following is the next steps in the process:


·         City staff has continued with our review of the revised plans, documents and reports provided by the applicant in response to the Land Use Letter.

·         Because this project requires a hearing before a decision can be rendered, public comments can be received up to and through the hearing.  There is no additional deadline date for public comment.  No hearing has been scheduled at this time.  You may submit your comments via email to These comments will be reviewed by staff, go into the record and be provided to the Hearing Examiner.

·         Once the review is complete (approx.. 4-5 weeks) a couple of thing could happen:

o   Staff could ask the applicant to revise additional items and a letter would get issued.

o   If staff can formalize a recommendation to the examiner, then a public hearing will get scheduled. Notice of this hearing will go out to every party of record and the site will be posted as well.

·         Before the hearing occurs, the SEPA Determination on this project will get issued. The SEPA process has a comment deadline and an appeal deadline. A notice will be issued and you will be notified when this is issued.

o   If SEPA is appeal, this would also go before the Olympia Hearings Examiner for decision at the same time as the hearing for the preliminary plat.


All pertinent information regarding this project will be placed on the city webpage for Wellington Height.


If you have further questions, please let me know.




Paula Smith, Associate Planner

City of Olympia / Community Planning & Development

601 4th Avenue East | PO Box 1967, Olympia WA 98507-1967

360.753.8596 |