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Community Rights discussion

06/19/2015 14:38
The US Constitution would not have been approved by all the original states without the inclusion of the ten articles known as the “Bill of Rights.” The body of laws and codes on the Olympia City register are mostly procedural, and tell us how our local government should be administered, but do not...

March 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes

03/20/2015 18:41
March 19, 2015 SWONA Annual Meeting at Gloria Dei Bethany W. President, opened meeting at 7pm Approximately 35-40 folks in attendance Open with introductions, name, where you live and where you were born.   Members were born all over the country and one person from Ontario, Canada. ...

Election results

03/20/2015 11:13
At the Annual Meeting on March 19th Phil Cornell was re-elected as Vice-President, Angela Rush was elected as Secretary and Brent McBride was re-elected as Member-at-Large/Outreach Coordinator.  Minutes of the meeting will be posted as soon as they are compiled.

Our 25th Anniversary

01/04/2015 12:53
This year we celebrate 25 years as a neighborhood association.  This is a major milestone and deserves a significant, memorable celebration.  We need your help, your ideas, and your enthusiasm to make this work.  Please contact us at with your thoughts, ideas,...

November 20, 2014 Meeting Minutes

11/23/2014 16:21
SWONA Meeting Minutes by Janis Rich 11-20-14 V.P. Phil opened meeting at 7:00pm Approximately 20 participants   Introductions-question favorite hobby Many different answers from neighbors, cooking, tennis, retirement, outside fun, reading Gardening, music, soccer, photography, dancing, fishing...

Swona meeting Sept 18, 2014

11/15/2014 10:43
Swona Meeting Minutes 9-18-14 Prepared by Janis Rich Secretary Meeting came to order at 7:15 by V.P. Phil Cornell Approximately 15 neighbors in attendance Introductions Treasurer’s report: in checking account $832.36 less checks to Phil for reimbursements for SWONA signage,...

Decatur and 16th

10/23/2014 12:14
In the latest update to the comp plan ( page 60) shows that the language referring to Decatur and 16th has been removed.


10/01/2014 17:11
SURVEY PLANNED FOR SW OLYMPIA TO IDENTIFY ‘HISTORIC’ HOMES FROM 1945-65   The City of Olympia is contracting with Peter Meijer Architect to conduct a survey of historical properties in certain parts of Olympia – including the area of SWONA closest to Black Lake Blvd., as shown on the attached...

June 19, 2014 SWONA meeting

06/27/2014 13:27
June 19, 2014 SWONA Quarterly Meeting Minutes Bethany W.(President) opened meeting at 7pm  Introductions: Approximately 25 members in attendance Theme for introductions: What is the most distinctive or favorite plant in your yard? Smoke trees, Japanese Maples, rhodies, lilies,...

Executive Board meeting May 25, 2014

05/26/2014 15:38
Notes from the SWONA Board meeting May 25, 2014 Present:  Bethany, Phil, Ann.  Janis in spirit.  [3 pages]   1.  SWONA Website – Phil explained how to make changes or enter new information by on the website PHIL will make sure that there is a prominent...
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