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Poetry Post installation

04/08/2017 07:06
Our "New and Improved" Poetry Post will be installed at the North end of the Decatur Pathway on Sunday, April 9, 2017.  Stop by and have a look.

Annual Meeting

03/16/2017 20:58
Great turnout for the meeting tonight!!!  We have elected the following people as SWONA officers: President - Phil Cornell, Vice-President - Karen Janowitz, Secretary - Angela Rush, Member-at-Large - Brent McBride.  Next meeting will be June 15, 2017.

November 17th meeting minutes

12/05/2016 14:38

Sept 15th Meeting Minutes

09/29/2016 14:54

June 16 Meeting minutes

08/30/2016 15:31

New Decatur Post design concept

05/10/2016 14:57
Look at the gallery under Decatur Pathway Park, there is a sketch of what the new post might look like.

March 17 meeting minutes

03/18/2016 12:29


01/06/2016 11:32
I just got an email from Amy Stull @ OPD; "Today I showed a map of ACAB tags to the strategy group that meets every week. As a result, the Patrol Lt. will be sharing his expectation that officers are aware and actively looking for who is doing this damage. In addition, they supported creating and...


12/01/2015 22:02
We now have a "Graffiti Hit Squad", a group of volunteers who will be available to assist with cleanup of graffiti on private property when the homeowner asks for help.  Each resident is responsible for cleanup of graffiti on their own property.  If you see graffiti report it to...

November 19 meeting minutes

12/01/2015 21:56
SWONA Quarterly Membership Meeting Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association Thursday, November 19, 2015   Held at: Gloria Dei Church Time: 8:00pm Approximately 20 people present.     Treasure’s Report Ann Vandeman, SWONA Treasurer, was absent but the Treasurer’s Report was made...
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