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Current status of Wellington Heights Proposal

09/29/2018 17:54
The following message was sent to the Parties of Record from the city of Olympia.  See the blog post on Wellington Heights for more information about the neighborhood's response to the proposed development.   Dear Parties of Record-   Some of you had the same...

Wellington Heights

09/29/2018 17:33
At the most recent SWONA meeting on September 20, the consensus of those present was to put on the SWONA website ways in which folks could articulate their opposition to the proposed Wellington Heights development.  I will be combing past e-mails for the last year from Dan Leahy and others to...

June 21, 2018 Meeting Minutes

09/19/2018 12:18
SWONA,  Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting of the Members Thursday, June 21, 2018   Held at: Gloria Dei Church Time: 7:00 pm Approximately 35 people present.   WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS Everyone in the room introduced themselves and noted where they live...

Neighbors attend SWONA picnic

08/10/2018 11:31
Now it was just a blur but feedback I got was that the SWONA annual picnic we had on Saturday was a success.  I did a head count at 1 p.m. and we had 76 individuals (about a third of them kids, which is great), so we probably had at least 80 people during the peak of the...

SWONA Annual Picnic Aug 4

07/20/2018 08:56
UPDATE 08/02/2018: Just a reminder for you folks – our neighborhood picnic is this Saturday starting a 11 a.m. There will be games (hanging donuts, sack race, water balloon toss) for the kids and adults who like that sort of thing, music, and information about local...

Neighbors weigh-in on asylum seekers

07/10/2018 13:20
Neighbors from southwest Olympia weighed-in on the news about the US federal government's policy for handling people seeking asylum in the US. The group of neighbors held signs at the intersection of Harrison and Perry between 8-10 am on June 26. .

South Sound Green Tour May 19 & 20

05/04/2018 07:56
The NW EcoBuilding Guild​ presents the 2018 South Sound Green Tour​. May 19th, around Olympia, and May 20th, in Tacoma.    This free-to-the-public event features new homes, businesses, remodels, retrofits, rain gardens, onsite stormwater mitigation and more.   Read more:...

South Sound Green Tour

04/24/2018 17:11
2018 South Sound Green Tour - Two Days In May  Olympia, Washington​ - May 19, 2018​ - 11am - 5pm  Tacoma, Washington​ - May 20, 2018​ - 11am - 5pm The NW EcoBuilding Guild​ presents the 2018 South Sound Green Tour​. May 19th, around Olympia, and May 20th, in Tacoma.  This...


04/15/2018 17:43
Report Graffiti Prompt reporting of graffiti by citizens greatly improves cleanup response times and provides valuable information for the prosecution of the taggers. As always, call 9-1-1 if you witness a crime in progress. Where to Report Graffiti... On Public Property City...

SWONA Walking Park Guide is available

03/12/2018 17:35
The members of SWONA created four "parklets" at different points in the neighborhood in 2008, via a grant from the County Health Department.  The goal was to give more neighbors a reason to get out and walk -- so was born the idea of a "Walking Park" that each person would "create" by walking...
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