Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/20/2014

03/22/2014 13:57
Swona Meeting Minutes 3-20-14 Prepared by Janis Rich-Secretary   Approx 35 attendees including officers   Meeting officially started at 7:05pm by Brad O’Brien-President   Agenda:   Introductions of attendees-name and address and color of front door   Treasurers report by...

Meeting Minutes 11/21/2013

11/25/2013 18:36
Swona November 21, 2013 Meeting   Call to order at 7:00pm by Brad-President Introductions   In attendance: Three officers and 10 members   Treasurer’s report:  $781.08 in the bank account, reimbursement requests? Jean would like $125 authorized for stamps, envelopes and labels,...

Meeting minutes 9/19/2013

09/22/2013 17:07
September 19, 2013  SWONA Meeting Call meeting to order by President Brad O’Brien at 7pm  6 members in attendance plus 4 Board Members   Jean Caldwell-Treasurer’s report-$1,211 in bank Request for reimbursement:  $290 request from Bethany W. for mulch for Welcome...

Meeting minutes from June 20, 2013

06/24/2013 12:53
SWONA quarterly Meeting June 20, 2013   Brad-President called meeting to order at 7:02pm Introductions of Approx 30 attendees with guests Kristie Newman Olympia Parks and Recreation Officer Bill Wilson, Olympia Police Department   Agenda Items   Speaker: ...

SWONA Annual Spring Meeting 3-21-2013

04/03/2013 12:24
SWONA Annual Spring Meeting 3-21-2013 Meeting held at Gloria Dei Church Approximately 35-40 attendees Meeting called to order by President Brad O’Brien at 7:00pm First item:  Treasurer’s Report by Jean Caldwell, $1,104 in account after payments received by members, approximately 50 paid...
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