June 15th 2017 meeting minutes

06/22/2017 16:15

SWONA,  Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association

Quarterly Membership Meeting

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Held at: Gloria Dei Church

Time: 7:00 pm

Approximately 23 people present.


Just prior to the membership meeting, Phil Cornell along with Bruce Montgomery, president of the Olympia Amateur Radio Society (OARS), presented a live demonstration of HAM radio. The demonstration focused on the benefits of communication that a Ham radio network could provide to neighborhoods in the case of a widespread emergency situation, such as earthquake or major storm event.



Those present were asked to introduce themselves, tell where they live in the SWONA neighborhood, and respond to the question: Which direction does your house face?


Treasurer’s report

Whitney Raines, SWONA Treasurer, reported the SWONA bank account balance as $840.

This figure will increase following the evening’s meeting, as many of those present were renewing their memberships or becoming members for the first time. Welcome!




Parks & Projects

Bethany Weidner presented information regarding completion of the new Poetry Post at the south-most end of Decatur Street. A motion was made by Bethany to pay $200 from SWONA funds to Eli Sterling for his work in creating the new post. The motion was seconded by Mark Toy, and a majority vote carried in favor of approving the payment.


Bethany also presented information about a Neighborhood Matching Funds grant in the amount of $2900, which was awarded to SWONA by the City of Olympia on June 6, 2017. The grant funds were applied for and will be used for renovation of three neighborhood “walking parks” – the Welcome Spot at Fern & 9th St, Caton Garden on Caton Way, and the Rainier Bench on Midway Ave. In addition to an upgrade of the park sites, the grant will fund creation of a Walking Map of the SWONA neighborhood.  The map would include the walking parks and other places and items of interest, such as Little Libraries, treehouses, notable trees, historic buildings, viewpoints, etc. SWONA members are encouraged to submit their ideas for places of interest for the map.


Volunteer participation is an integral part of the grant funding, and a sign-up sheet was passed among those present, and everyone was encouraged to note the types of work and/or work parties they would be interested in. Bethany will be in touch with those who have indicated their interest.


Neighborhood Associations

Phil reported that the City of Olympia Coalition of Neighborhood Association met to discuss needs and issues of the city’s neighborhoods. Nearly all the neighborhood associations of Olympia were represented. Sidewalk maintenance effective means of communication among members, and creating/maintaining a lively membership were at the top of the list of major concerns.


Percival Creek Trail

Phil announced that the Percival Creek Trail, near the end of 15th Ave SW, is no longer open to the public. The trail is private property and belongs to Paul Stengel, whose has exercised his choice as owner to close its access.


The Home Fund

Delores Nelson, a SWONA member, presented information about The Home Fund on behalf of Daniel Kadden, Executive Director of United Churches, who was unable to be present. The Home Fund is a funding proposal intended to reduce homelessness through the creation of safe and affordable homes and rent assistance for the most vulnerable members of the community. Written information about the proposal was passed to those present. Additional information can be found at www.olyhomefund.org.



The third annual SWONA bbq/picnic will be held Saturday, August 5. Be sure to mark your calendar!

As in the past two years, the picnic will be held at the Decatur Woods Park. There will be food, music, games for the kids, introduction of candidates for Olympia City Council, and an all-around great time! It gets better every year!

Look for information about the picnic and its preparation on the SWONA Facebook page, the Nextdoor email listserv, and in emails directly from SWONA.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Next quarterly Membership meeting:  September 21, 2017

-submitted by Angela Rush, SWONA Secretary