OPD Weekly Update

09/13/2013 21:50



The map for the past week:



Notable Trends:


  • Three more Honda thefts. This crime trend is being investigated.


  • Our monthly big picture meeting was this week. Highlights included work on specific projects, including decreased burglaries on the Westside after arrests and pressure on problem houses and the same for commercial burglaries on the main corridors. While those continue to be addressed, new projects have emerged targeting heroin distribution and auto thefts.



Other Items:


  • The monthly review included several interesting updates on Part 1 crimes and clearance rates. A case is cleared if a suspect is arrested or referred to the prosecutor. The attached slides show number of arrests for all of the Part 1 crimes year to date and clearance rates for the Part 1 violent crimes.


  • The most recent data shows there has been a decrease in unsecured residential burglary cases, which is reflected in a decrease in residential burglaries overall.