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OPD Weekly Update

09/13/2013 21:50
Hi,   The map for the past week:   Notable Trends:   Three more Honda thefts. This crime trend is being investigated.   Our monthly big picture meeting was this week. Highlights...

Campaign Statement

09/08/2013 22:39
Campaign Statement from Cheryl Selby. Dear SWONA Officers, Members and concerned friends of West Olympia,   It was a pleasure to doorbell your neighborhood for my campaign this last June. Being on the ground, block by block, I came to understand why the issue of opening Decatur St. SW...

OPD Weekly Update

09/05/2013 13:06
Hi, The map of last week’s activity: Notable Trends: - High number of auto thefts on the Westside, mostly older Hondas. Locations with large parking areas such as apartment complexes and shopping...

New Section

09/05/2013 13:04
Starting today Amy's weekly updates will be located in this section to make them easier to view.  Thank you, Amy, for providing this valuable information.

Campaign Statement

07/30/2013 09:46
Campaign statement Julie Hankins 7/30/13:   Dear SWONA Officers and Members, Decatur Raiders, Wellington West Neighborhood, NWONA, and Uptown Locally-Owned Businesses,   I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a tour of your neighborhood and explaining your...

Campaign Statement

07/25/2013 12:28
Campaign Statement Mike Volz 7/25/13: As a Northwest Olympia Neighborhood resident who lives on busy Division Street, I understand the traffic pressure that the Southwest Olympia Neighborhood faces.  While there is great need to alleviate the traffic on the West Side, opening up thru-streets...

Campaign Statement

07/25/2013 12:23
Campaign statement Darren Mills 7/25/13: On Tuesday July 9th residents of SWONA gave me a walking tour of their neighborhood and expressed their concerns about the opening of Decatur and 16th Streets to traffic.  After seeing firsthand what the result of those actions would be I am...

Meeting minutes from June 20, 2013

06/24/2013 12:53
SWONA quarterly Meeting June 20, 2013   Brad-President called meeting to order at 7:02pm Introductions of Approx 30 attendees with guests Kristie Newman Olympia Parks and Recreation Officer Bill Wilson, Olympia Police Department   Agenda Items   Speaker: ...

West Olympia Farmers Market

05/15/2013 12:31
Kayla Mahnke from South Westside said: Hey folks! Just want to let the neighborhood know that the West Olympia Farmers' Market is now open for the season. Our opening day was yesterday and we will be at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church every Tuesday evening from 4PM to 7PM throughout the summer....

OPD Safety flyers

04/22/2013 12:05
Child Safety.pdf (1,4 MB) Residential.pdf (1,3 MB) Vehicle.pdf (1,3 MB)
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